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Our Approach

  • Go, See and Ask Questions
  • Investigate a problem along with the client team, to understand root causes and brainstorm solutions
  • Continuously improve and simplify solutions
  • Be prepared to drive implementation if client requires
  • Make clients self-sufficient

Our Values

  • Deal with the other as an equal
  • Make the right things happen for clients
  • Ensure Win^4 Company + Employees + Customers + Consumers
  • Keep it simple

About us

Some words About our company

We at Nyati Technologies Pvt Ltd. take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a leading organization in the field of Information and Communication Technology, e-governance, Training, Manpower Management, IT Infrastructure Development & Management. We have provided our professional services to many clients, large and small, established organization. Our clients include individuals, small and large private and public limited companies, public sector undertaking, banks and financial institution. The Nyati Technologies Pvt Ltd. is an integrated consulting-training, e-Learning ++ and IT company focused on Sales Effectiveness. We are trusted advisors and implementation partners for our clients. We work with them to equip their Sales and Distribution teams with knowledge, skills, attitude and tools/system to be more productive and brand-aligned, thus providing an outstanding customer experience.


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Organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient's performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill. Training refers to the process of imparting specific skills. An employee undergoing training is presumed to have had some formal education. No training program is complete without an element of education. Hence we can say that Training is offered to operatives.

Manpower Supply and Management

NTPL can augment the man power of the client organization by deploying its team of competent professionals to client's premises to take care of increased activity levels, both short term and long term. At Manpower Professional we take pride in being able to deliver the specific skills expertise and resources you need when you need them, in the changing world of work.

IT Infrastructure Development & Management

Our Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) division offers a wide spectrum of services covering IT Infrastructure Consultancy, Design, Implementation and Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM). We leverage this heritage of impeccable customer service and our proactive approach to enhance reliability, availability and efficiency of ICT infrastructure to provide winning edge to our clients.


E governance

E-government is a generic term for web-based services from agencies of local, state and federal governments. In e-government, the government uses information technology and particularly the Internet to support government operations, engage citizens, and provide government services. The interaction may be in the form of obtaining information, filings, or making payments and a host of other activities via the World Wide Web.

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